RIAA Update: The Death Star Goes Boom

According to music business blog Hypebot, there are massive lay-offs at the RIAA. The place is going boom!

“It is about 90-100+ people across the US and global offices – anti-piracy, coordinated IFPI/BPI etc – trust me it’s a bloodbath…

(Major label heads) Hands, Morris are squeezing the ____ out of these guys after the ISP failure and a major budget cut. (The) RIAA as you know it is probably history by Tuesday of next week, a formal announcement is being drafted for drop next week.

The new group is a aggregate of IFPI + remaining pieces of BPI + RIAA – (a) new leaner, coordinated group…”

Although this appears like wonderful news, I must caution you that the Empire did build another Death Star.

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