March 3, 2009

RIAA Update: The Death Star Goes Boom

March 3rd 2009

According to music business blog Hypebot, there are massive lay-offs at the RIAA. The place is going boom! “It is about 90-100+ people across the US and global offices – anti-piracy, coordinated IFPI/BPI etc – trust me it’s a bloodbath… (Major label heads) Hands, Morris are squeezing the ____ out of these guys after the […]

Important: FCC Signals Intent to Regulate Internet “in the public interest”

March 3rd 2009

Mark the date. This announcement is the start of an effort by the FCC to regulate both Internet operations and content just as the Commission does in broadcast channels.  After an earlier effort to regulate bloggers as lobbyists failed, this appears to set the stage for another attempt for regulation of Internet content. In a […]