Two More High Profile SPAM Rulings

Email is still Internet’s killer app.2008 has had a string of huge spam convictions. Sanford Wallace and crew gathered $230 million in fines, while “Spam King” Robert Soloway faces extended jail time.

Now Adam Vitale will receive 30 months in prison and $183,000 due in restitution to AOL for a week of spamming back in 2005. Yes, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

Also, an FTC settlement requires Spear Systems and its executives to pay $29,000 in fines for falsely marketing supposed weight-loss supplements. This enforcement action is the first instance of FTC staff using the US Safe Web Act to share information with foreign partners.

CAN-SPAM’s requirements are minimal. There are lots of reasons for marketers to substantially exceed them. But just imagine explaining to one’s new cellmates that one is in prison for spamming. That can’t be popular.

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