Are We Not Litigants? We Are Devo.

McDonald's Devo rip-offThere’s an Internet rumor circulating that Devo is suing McDonald’s for using their unique appearance in an American Idol co-branded Happy Meal.

Devo bass player Gerald Casale fueled the rumor by providing this compelling quote: “We don’t like McDonald’s, and we don’t like American Idol, so we’re doubly offended.”

But in fact-checking the story I was unable to find the case actually filed in any US court. Apparently Mickey D’s settled quickly with the band, who released a statement:

Please be advised that the story about a civil action by Devo against McDonald’s is a rumor and is completely false. No lawsuit has been filed and no litigation is pending. Any issue with the McDonald’s “New Wave Nigel” promotion has been amicably resolved on mutually agreeable terms.

Even though they won’t be in court, you can still see Devo perform “Whip It”. They are non-degradable by time, just like the tiny plastic happy meal men who bear their trademark image.

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