Five years in the future: voice Interfaces will work as your “Other Brain”

December 17th 2019

200 million smart speakers will have been sold globally by the end of this year. We are living in a voice-controlled world right now; we just haven’t made the most of it yet.

The week Congress cut a deal for family leave – and I taught in snowy New Jersey

December 14th 2019

This week’s healthcare news: Pete Frates, Dr. John Halamka, federal leave, and drug pricing, CVS helping Aetna members with oncology, and my take on the benefits of teaching what you do as part of doing it.

Do you agree that hospitals keeping pricing agreements with payers secret is really protected speech?

December 9th 2019

Last week the American Hospital Association filed a lawsuit to help hospitals avoid disclosing often secret agreements with insurers — their novel argument is that revealing pricing arrangements would violate hospitals’ free speech rights.

The week healthcare needed to flip its humanity to tech ratio, and I was in Denver

December 7th 2019

This week’s news includes lots of technology related snarls, and a reminder that when we talk about trends in healthcare – we’re talking about lots of human lives.

Young Americans are dying at high rates and MGH may spend $100M to change its name

November 30th 2019

There’s more research showing American’s under stress, and dying younger — and MGH/Partners announced it may spend $100 million on changing its name. Get a quick perspective on these latest fixations right here.

Stress and mental health are trending, children’s hospitals fight to end stigma and improve policy

November 23rd 2019

There’s a vast need to address mental health, undoubtedly in our personal lives but also thinking about customers. Increasing levels of depression, anxiety and self-harm may signal the need for larger cultural changes, which marketers ignore at their own risk.

The week when Google entering healthcare scared people while I was in London

November 16th 2019

The concern stirred by Google’s focus on healthcare was clear all the way from London. I share some insights from OHSU, ClearDATA, and the strategy behind going in big on Lam Research which has close to doubled in value just in this year.

The week when voice assistants were hacked and I worked from a villa

November 9th 2019

Get the scoop on Design Ethics, the hacking of voice assistants, an odd wellness product, and my work life living in Orlando with 20 coworkers in ‘the Big Brother house’.

Why did Google buy Fitbit? Three key benefits

November 3rd 2019

Fitbit bit would bring Google: 1.) their first mass wearable product, 2.) an in-place wellness product line with global adoption and distribution, 3.) reams of progressively sophisticated health data and a privacy debate. Click above for the data and details.

Bad Transit Ads, Sexy Halloween Edition

October 30th 2019

Sometimes termed Gay Christmas, Halloween is all about malfeasance. Here are some new additions to our bad transit advertising collection which all seem to end up somewhere unexpectedly sexy, nasy or gross. Have a great Halloween, and I hope you have fun laughing at the ads we pass every day.