Artless, slutty, orphan-hating ads in transit

November 10th 2015

Things can get crazy when ads end up on the subway. Here Suffolk University, Blue Cross and Bernie and Phyl’s all have put ads out there in ways that I suspect their print teams would have done more deftly.


eZ Systems: Brooklyn soundtrack and innovative fun

November 2nd 2015

I’m thrilled to be back in Brooklyn with my friends at eZ Systems to lead a half day innovation workshop. To get fired up, I’ve mixed a playlist and shared some photos I took in the industrial zone around out very cool conference neighborhood. Take a look.


Hillary Clinton’s testimony is a rorschach for all involved

October 24th 2015

The former Secretary of State’s testimony in Congress is like a national rorschach test – on to which journalists, readers and pundits seem ready to project their own narratives. As a public service, I’ve added helpful captions to explain what it would seem our former Secretary of State is being shown to say across a series of front pages.


Follow Friday: James Gardner for insight and authentic good ideas

October 23rd 2015

Friday’s a great day for a cool person alert. Meet my long-time friend and colleague, James A Gardner, who rocks social media because he’s very much the same way there as in real life. Arctic adverturer, manderian marketer and helpful accessbile guy – he’s good to know in any medium.


EMC’s sale should be a gut-check for Boston’s digital innovation economy

October 16th 2015

The purchase of Massachusetts-based EMC by Dell is reigniting questions about the Bay State’s ability to retain the talented people and fast growing firms it cultivates. Know how many Fortune 500 firms remain in the Bay State? Take a look.


Quitting time: the Wall Street Journal’s editorials are part of the the problem

June 23rd 2015

Friday, the Wall Street Journal rushed to suggest that the Charleston Shooting wasn’t really about race. No, instead, in a year where the sign “Black Lives Matter” has been everywhere, the Journal suggested this shows how far we’ve come. We’re at a moment of change – and my first change is to fire my newspaper which seems to be offering the rejoinder for inaction.


Truth: the concept of race is badly broken

June 21st 2015

The Cause Can’t Be The CureWe need to put the Confederate flag away as a sign of state. And we need to find our way through these discussions relying less on race as an organizing concept of cause or cure.  I believe that war is a tragically ineffective way to end war.  We may better [...]


Five Reasons the CVS / Target Deal is Smart Healthcare Business

June 20th 2015

Knowing what you’re remarkable at allows for gutsy decisions — which this is both for Target and CVS. This sets Target up for recovery, and CVS to continue its growth in to being a national pharmacy leader.


Why Apple Watch & Facebook Win as Pebble Watch & Twitter Struggle

June 15th 2015

The Apple Watch is a watershed product because it is a masterful consumerization of technology, and it begins to show how industries and our lives may change living among an Internet of Things.


You Deserve Faster Internet, Phone Companies Want to Block Change by Law

February 9th 2015

Phone companies have helped to put laws on near 20 states books to stop cities from providing fast, publicly-owned Internet access. Last month President Obama proposed that the FCC to strike down these rules, and guess who is fighting to block it?