eZ Systems: Brooklyn soundtrack and innovative fun

Looking for the unofficial eZ Conference soundtrack to Brooklyn and NYC?  

It’s over here on Spotify: NYC to Meet You.

I’m trilled to be back in Brooklyn for eZ Conference – which brings engineers and designers who make content their business to work on publishing great experiences.

So here’s the thing – lately Brooklyn has been popping-up everywhere. I’m feeling a bit culture stalked.

At Macy’s on the walk to my office in Boston, there’s a non-puritan manikin decked out in Brooklyn wear. What’s next a Yankees cap?  Walking near Connective DX’s office in Portland’s Alphabet District, there’s Brooklyn Industries. But this is Brooklyn with its tourist face on.

So what’s the real Brooklyn look like?

Here’s a photo safari from the Brooklyn Industrial Zone, where I took a walk to find out.

Its iconic


It draws a second look


I has an MVP ethic


It makes a mark and moves on


And it mixes art and life (the view outside my hotel window)

Its so Kansas, Dorothy


Its made fresh daily


And if you’re lucky, its home


Hey, eZ, thanks for having us to one of your home towns. Its nice to be with a native.


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