Industry View of Lead Management & Marketing Automation Systems

lead-funnelOver the last five years I’ve helped companies hone their online game, and that often involves lead management.  Increasingly, lead management systems that provide analytics, automation, customization, and integration with CRM systems are where the online marketing rubber hits the road.

Last week I shared links to the 2010 Lead Management Buyers Guide, and I jokingly called it the “phone book.” There are now so many Marketing Automation and Lead Gen systems that analyst insights really can be helpful.  I recently shared a view of this space with with soon-to-be-online entrepreneurs.  Below is my compilation of analyst views on lead management systems.

Obviously, there is no one right answer about which lead system is the best. First, understand your own requirements. Once you do, it is helpful to have some objective views about the industry role and offerings available.  This is especially necessary as the players are quickly evolving. Here are some of my notes on how various analysts parse out the lead management and marketing automation space.

And while these may not tell you which solution is exactly right for you, I’ve certainly used these to validate firms’ claims about their industry role, and to spot credible new contenders.

Please let me know if you find this useful.

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