October 2015

Hillary Clinton’s testimony is a rorschach for all involved

October 24th 2015

The former Secretary of State’s testimony in Congress is like a national rorschach test – on to which journalists, readers and pundits seem ready to project their own narratives. As a public service, I’ve added helpful captions to explain what it would seem our former Secretary of State is being shown to say across a series of front pages.

Follow Friday: James Gardner for insight and authentic good ideas

October 23rd 2015

Friday’s a great day for a cool person alert. Meet my long-time friend and colleague, James A Gardner, who rocks social media because he’s very much the same way there as in real life. Arctic adverturer, manderian marketer and helpful accessbile guy – he’s good to know in any medium.

EMC’s sale should be a gut-check for Boston’s digital innovation economy

October 16th 2015

The purchase of Massachusetts-based EMC by Dell is reigniting questions about the Bay State’s ability to retain the talented people and fast growing firms it cultivates. Know how many Fortune 500 firms remain in the Bay State? Take a look.