Netflix Reverses Course: Decides Against Poorly Considered Split-Up

Netflix has resorted to flailing, which is exactly what any company that has lost 50% of its market value in six months would do.

Just a few weeks after announcing it would spin-off its video-by-mail business an poorly named subsidiary, Quickser, they’ve reversed course. 

And the announcement couldn’t be less personal or remarkable.  The tone is so matter of fact, it makes me think they think this sort of behavior is normal.

Netflix can take a totally correct business change and make it sound awkward, half-baked, and even a bit insulting.  Raising their prices was a good idea badly handled.  Splitting the company was a stupid  idea made in haste. Honestly, its time for CEO Reed Hastings to cut a video showing people the awesomeness ahead in the Netflix future, and assure subscribers that management isn’t about to pull another Crazy Ivan.

Would you agree Netflix should be able to do better than this?

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