Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

The folks over at Search Engine Land have shared a sharp infographic on the factors that drive search engine ranking.

To give credit where its due, this is smart marketing. It’s useful to Search Engine Land’s readers, who will print it off to educate colleagues. I can imagine SEO practitioners posting this above their desks, as a cross between artwork and a professional flag. Infographics like this can spread virally and generate links from other sites, such as the one at the bottom of this page. So it’s great branding, and provides a lesson on how to earn links by being helpful. Nice.

Though it now has a periodic table, SEO still has a core of uncertainty because, unlike chemistry, the ranking factors for search are constantly being modified to improve results, and ironically to foil those who would use this chart to trick search engines.

The periodic table seems so clear cut, even though competitive SEO uses techniques that can trigger “violating” factors. So while the periodic table seems all clean and certain, the most competitive SEO might better be plotted as a blackjack table instead.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors, used with permission

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