Tiger Woods and Accenture Consulting: When Censure is Your Middle Name

Bad Airport Ad #537: Tiger Woods Loses His Ball.

By “What you do next,” I assume they mean, “dump your spokesman in favor of Photoshopped elephants.” The high-flying James Gardner sent this image in, reminding us how overextended Accenture’s relationship with Woods became.

The Accenture name emerged in discord, as both Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen Consulting competed for the same accounts.  Andersen Consulting’s change of name proved to be fortunate, as it avoided guilt by association when Arthur Andersen was effectively dissolved as a result of its role in the Enron scandal.

Just two years after its launch, Accenture tied its brand to a young celebrity athlete in his first B2B endorsement. He embodied high-functioning, relentless, and even robotic behavior, and each year Accenture invested more in the affiliation. The company didn’t diversify, and planned to ride the Tiger Woods brand into history.

In December of 2009, Accenture ended the connection, and has subsequently struggled with lame advertising.

Lots of smart people have offered advice on the next step for the Tiger Woods brand. But what about the Accenture brand?
My advice is to come clean, and market high-performance consulting for exactly what it is. Rather than using celebrities, animals, or stock images of athletes, speedometers or sailboats, try talking about the innate talent, business acumen, and innovation chops in your people and projects.

Hey Accenture, stop treating marketing as an outgrowth of PR. Create clarity and demand for your services, by, um, focusing on them for a change.

Accenture Uses Elephants to Ignore What’s In the Center of Their Brandaccenture_surf_elephant

It’s an elephant, the symbol of Republicans, bankers, and the like trying to do something it shouldn’t. It’s like a middle-aged guy dressed up for hip hop. Its just not helping.

The French Love Barbar; Why Not Accenture Consulting Too?accenture_france

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