Offensive Game on Yahoo Kids Teaches Girls Age 6-12 to Win By Dressing (or not) To Please Boys

A few months ago we got the most offensive legal advertising ever taken down. (Remember,  it advertised a sex offender defense practice using a photo of a girl showing skin and looking guilty….and an adult hand keeping a scared child from speaking.)

As the father of two girls who have never watched television, I’m astounded by the messages lots of family accept as normative “becuase” they are on “insert the network name of your choice.”  We we on Yahoo! Kids, which provides select games for kids age six through twelve. and came across a game called “Dress Up the Cheerleader” which is infact trains girls to dress to please others….and the others who matter want them semi-nude.

Girls, Please a Crowd of Boys to Win!

Set up: A crowd of boys watches a dress a girl from the underwear up. The “Crowd-o-Meter” registers their full approval of her in underwear. As she dresses ,their approval wains. However, fixing up her hair, and selecting more revealing clothing can regain their approval.

The challenge: Will your girl tramp herself up enough to make the boys happy and win.

The choice: your character can end up smiling and happy if she gets the crowds approval.  However, dressing her in long pants and not fixing her hair results in a low score and a very sad face.

Three Simlple Messages for Girls:

  1. An audience of boys will judge you.
  2. Victory is external, so follow social signals carefully.
  3. You can win if you fit the box boys want you in. (and that box requires showing skin.)

Stupid or reprehensible?

Update: One of our readers identified a nice form for sharing any concerns you like with Yahoo!,
go to: Thanks, Andy!

Also, the game’s developer is  MiniMe Media, who can be contacted via <>. However, its more likely that linking to this description and expressing concern about Yahoo! having such a game will get a better result. After all, the development of the game is done.

7 Responses to "Offensive Game on Yahoo Kids Teaches Girls Age 6-12 to Win By Dressing (or not) To Please Boys"

  • Jennifer Weitzel

    February 11, 2010

    You nailed it, this is just bad for kids.

    I’ve let Yahoo know what I think, and if you’re reading this and feel like I do, then go for it.

    Thanks for finding this.

    Jennifer (mom of Travis and Aaron)
    Hopkins, MN

  • Day'Nieshia

    August 15, 2010

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  • Chimera

    October 7, 2010

    Actually, I played the game, and the most revealing outfit isn’t the case always. Some of the more revealing clothes on the others gets the crowd upset. Even in your picture, the cheerleader has the crowd all the way to the red. Of course, it was a bad idea to have the game start where each of them are in their underwear. I do see the validity though about girls dressing up to please others. I’m hoping my kids won’t become cheerleaders.

  • Tina Willis

    November 15, 2010

    A few years of all Anglo ‘Mock’ Puritan child-sex panic by sex-filled ‘Family’ media (for ratings & profit not protection) can’t stop millenia ongoing nature’s dance-in-the-sun. As the wised-up kid said to the dumbed down Parental Guidance, ‘Not for Under 18s, contains swearing sex and violence’.

    ” What ? Like in our schoolyard ! “

  • […] petitioned Yahoo! about an offensive game that shows a girl in underwear, and challenges us dress her as a revealing way as a cheerleader to […]

  • jasminpitre

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