January 2010

If Lawyer Advertising Embraced Tactics from the Oldest Profession

January 31st 2010

I don’t need to tell you, its a tough time to be a young lawyer. This dark send-up of lawyer advertising suggests that the economy may bring our best and brightest to promote themselves using desperate measures.  This sketch is from Almost Live a local comedy show based in Seattle. As you can imagine, Aurora […]

No Recession in Content Marketing: Spending Projected to Triple

January 30th 2010

An annual survey of marketing professionals indicates that the share of budget devoted to content creation will be 33 percent in 2010, triple the 11 percent the same survey projected in 2009. Marketing spend is migrating online, and strong content is now “table stakes” for success in online marketing.  Online what we say defines who […]

What Online Law Issues Matter Most to You?

January 29th 2010

A call for insights & authors. We’re calling on you, our blog’s readers to help select the top online law issues you face today, and to describe what you see ahead.  Dave Wieneke fills in the details in video above. We’d like to hear from you by email at “strategy2.0″ at “gmail.com“. Starting next week […]

Clorox Gets a Social Media Attorney: AdAge Gets Misty

January 26th 2010

AdAge proclaimed Clorox’s move to hire a social media attorney as “Testament to the Importance of Twitter and Facebook“.  Like much of traditional ad media, AdAge is rushing to show it gets social media and is relevant. This made quite a forward-looking headline, but the joke is on AdAge. Clorox scored some free ink, while […]

Legal Marketing via Social Media: 7 Real World Examples

January 25th 2010

Legal Marketing articles describe marketing with social media in vague terms. “Start a blog”, “listen”, “create good content”. This isn’t new stuff, heck, over the weekend even the Pope told Priests to Blog.  Its time to get real about social media and law firm marketing. So here are seven meaty examples of one law firm, […]

Privacy in Moderation: Behaviorial Targeting May Be an Online Value

January 23rd 2010

My still germinating collection of 2010 predictions will have to include one of this blogs repeated themes, the impending rise of regulation of digital marketing. (See my post “Regulation is Headed Toward Digital Marketing, Do Something.“) Now that the FTC has staked out a requirement for bloggers to prevent the false appearance of independence if […]

Communist Chic Banned: My Marketo Shirt’s Illegal in Poland

January 20th 2010

A few years ago I showed my wife a t-shirt from Marketo, the San Mateo-based lead generation company. They were revolutionary, and to underscore that they had a manifesto, and their shirt featured an image of Che Guevara. My wife is a marketer who has lived in Central America; she immediately noted the use of […]

A Dating and Porn IPO: Read the Steamy FriendFinder Prospectus

January 19th 2010

We rarely get to see the inner workings of adult websites.  Without a doubt, their innovations include a host of illegal and/or immoral behaviors that have been challenges to society. But I also can’t deny that the business of adult websites has driven innovations in technology ( e-commerce and online video) and process (subscription sales […]

Can You Buy Zappos Culture?

January 18th 2010

Even though I’ve made fun of their airport ads, Zappos absolutely knows how to sell shoes. Now, according to Business Week, it’s hoping to profit from people’s fascination with its friendly, antics-filled business model. After all, if an entrepreneur creates a successful business, why not sell the concept to other entrepreneurs interested in starting up […]

Facebook’s Version of the Retweet Has Arrived

January 15th 2010

This evening, Facebook rolled out a feature that lets users repost each other ’s shared items, with a “via” link attached for attribution back to your friend. All you do is find a posted item in your news feed and click “share” as shown to the right just below my post. This adds a post […]