Thomson CompuMark Website Shows “Less is More”

The core palette of my firm’s new website has changed to white and a medium soft gray. That sounds pretty light. But these soft elements help create a canvas for the site’s accents: the use of stronger photo elements and the introduction of orange as a highlight color.

Here’s an example of how an image can pop on this kind of page. And thanks to the WayBackMachine, here’s an example of the older format.  I’ve gradually made changes to how we introduce our products. A product grid routes visitors more efficiently and gives them a better view of our work than explanatory text.

Of course, if you need to protect your brand from infringement, research product names, check on the uniqueness of logo designs, or clear titles for creative works, Thomson CompuMark will provide their usual expert services. And now you can check out both their new look and their fine services here.

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