Video Games Emerge as Lucrative Law Niche

Are video games the future?  A colleague and I have been discussing what areas of legal practice will thrive in this economic downturn. There’s growing buzz about video-game law as a hot niche practice area.

  • The Xconomy blog suggests casual video games, those without monthly subscriptions and fancy gear, may be recession-proof.
  • Sheppard, Mullin, Richte have started a 20-person video-games law practice, featured yesterday in the LA Times. The article notes that video-game makers are drawing increasing numbers of class-action lawsuits for game defects.
  • The Wall Street Journal blog yesterday noted that hip game lawyers are starting up practices on the West Coast to serve this $50 billion industry.

As big brands move into virtual worlds, many of them will do so by sponsoring games or buying in-game advertising. As the recording industry loses money, it seems the gaming industry just keeps growing.

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