Is Obama the Anti-Christ? Just ask Google, CNN, or John McCain Online.

Public Servant….Or Satan?
Image: Is Obama the Anti-Christ, or is he just demonized?The idea that Obama is the devil has been kicking around among talk-radio callers for a few months. Saturday Night Live performer Victoria Jackson voiced her concern that Obama is the Anti-Christ on her blog:

I don’t want a political label, but Obama bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ and I’m scared to death that uneducated people will ignorantly vote him into office. My mom likes him because his children are well dressed!” Though she’s funny, the post was serious.

This Obama-as-Satan idea has caught on; the seventh most popular search term paired with “Obama” is in fact “anti-Christ.” Bill Tancer of Hitwise posts analysis of this trend and CNN has aired a segment on how this idea may have been promoted by the McCain campaign using the Internet.

Is the McCain Campaign Literally Demonizing Obama?
The McCain campaign produced a web-only ad called “The One” which sure seems designed to nurture these concerns. CNN devoted three-and-a-half minutes to the ad, and how it draws on fundamentalist imagery from the “Left Behind” series. The McCain campaign says the ad was just in fun, just as the Obama “O” with devil horns coffee mug is here.

I asked a notoriously snarky conservative friend if he’s ever worried about the junior Senator from Illinois being, well, evil incarnate. He laughed it off saying “Obama might wear Prada, but that doesn’t make him the devil; at worst he’s an empty suit.” And so the side show that passes for politics continues.

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