Life on Earth to Continue Despite ICANN

There has been commentary, criticism, and even worry about ICANN’s proposed laissez-faire policy to allow a broad range of top-level domains. Our friends at Circle ID try to calm the waters by reminding us that ICANN’s byzantine committee structure, and its tendency to avoid both conflict and even the clearest paths of action, can make its proceedings downright glacial.

Besides, ICANN has challenges beyond running the world’s domains. Lately, just running their own domain has been a challenge. Shortly after the announcement of the new gTLD’s, Turkish hackers seized control of ICANN’s website by … changing their domain record and redirecting ICANN’s traffic.

This is embarrassing for ICANN. Organizations that control the Internet need to appear to be highly reliable and trustworthy, not slow and technically inept. Losing control of their own website tarnishes that reputation, if even only temporarily.

The copyrighted statement from the hackers read:

# NeTDevilz #

You think that you control the domains but you don’t! Everybody knows wrong. We control the domains including ICANN!

Don’t you believe us?

haha :)
(Lovable Turkish hackers group)

©2008 NetDevilz Co.
We’re not first,But We’re the BEST!

ICANN plans to raise US$10 million though high registration fees for the new gTLDs. This makes it almost certain that they’ll improve the infrastructure and security of the world’s domain names, which apparently could use some attention.

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