Roundtables vs. Conferences — Join Us for a Drink In NYC

Roundtables are *so* different than conferences.

First, conferences are public and they’re based on presentations. That means lots of focus on presenters, and they tend to bring their “happy” stories, which regularly end with chart going up and to the right.

 In comparison Peer Roundtables are the exact opposite of all these. They are off the record, and by invitation only. They tend to be free of newbies, and best of all, everyone is the keynote speaker. The agenda gets set by the peers at the table, which means in focuses more on the future and the work and opportunity that is looming.

Conferences are great for education — but roundtables are much more about collaboration.

I’m thrilled to be heading back to New York to facilitate three peer sessions on one of the pivot points of our industry, mobile marketing.

Of course the difference between heaven and hell is who you’re with — so being surrounded by “at-scale” marketers with lessons of their own to share is the best. As a sample, here’s are a few of the “S” section of organizations we expect to see: S&P, SAI, SAP, SBLI, Sherwin-William, Shutterfly, SIRIUS XM, Skype, and Starwood Hotels. Imagine the peer-to-peer discussion, from people who have not only have they been to the rodeo, they’ve run a rodeo or two. Actually, you don’t have to imagine a thing.

Join the Party
Please come join (and improve) the conversation at the wide open cocktail reception following the talks at the Black Door. This the low key brasserie is a great backdrop for the this crowd that doesn’t need a velvet rope to know they’re in great company. Everyone in digital marketing is welcome, and if you get in touch, we can make plans to have some fun.


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