Good Morning New York…Ramp Up Your Digital IQ Tonight!

There’s something about starting the day in New York.

I’m doing some groundwork for a possible book based on this blog. And tonight I will be sharing the stage with two fantastic figures in digital marketing.

I’m joining Brian B. Jones, the COO and creative lead of Crystal McKenzie, an emerging marcom titan. Our host is Brett Barndt, a fellow Thomson alum, who previously drove sales and marketing at Citicorp. And we’ll be with an after-work crowd of revenue marketers for a few hours of roll-up-your-sleeves planning to help everyone take their business up a rung.

While talent is everywhere, New York has a healthy share of the very finest brand managers, publishers, and advertisers. Tonight’s Digital IQ program is for them, and for companies that are driving their business based on social media, mobile marketing, and ecommerce.

We’re at the World Trade Center Business Center (details here) and I’m sure can squeeze in a few more friends. Or DM me and we’ll meet up if you’re in the Financial District.

You can’t luck out if you’re not there and its easy to feel lucky with a line-up like this. So come by or give a shout if you’re around.

Hope to see you tonight!

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