Twilight T-shirt Contest Requires Your Entry To Have Nothing to Do With Twilight


We’ve learned that vampires are apparently obsessed with copyright.  Now consider the official Twilight t-shirt contest.  Fans are invited to make a shirt to promote the new film.  Of course, entries must comply with a few rules. (In case you haven’t noticed, vampires are also rather controlling.)

Here are some select rules to keep mortals on the right side of the undead:

  • No use of images or depictions of the actors in the movie
    <Hey, wait: The official contest image (above) uses the actors’ images, so why can we?
    Oh, we’re not vampires.
  • No blood, fangs, stakes thru the heart, coffins or bats
    <Those would be passé.>
  • No pictures of apples (!)
    <Because only Apple could be more copyright obsessed than a vampire.>
  • No undergarments (you cannot create a Twilight thong, boxer shorts or boxer briefs)
    <Vampires prefer going “commando”.>

Vampire stories are a genre.  They are built on examples and conventions from previous, similar stories.  Perhaps vampires are sensitive about copyright because their claims to originality may be compromised. After a few lawsuits [1] [2], the undead are especially aware of their weakness.

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  • James

    July 16, 2010

    *Also it can’t be a t-shirt. Good luck, guys!

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