Free Book Download: Dr. Margaret Hagen’s Whores of the Court

backcoverBack in the day when I was studying Lay Epistemology, a theory in social psych, Margaret Hagen held a lot of the cool in Boston University’s psychology department. She is the type of researcher who is rigorous, sarcastic, and unafraid to bite the hand that feeds her. Which means she’s fun and a smart read.

In her book, Whores of the Court, she holds that while psychology can measure specific capabilities such as cognition and perception, it enters the realm of “witch doctoring” when it attempts to peer in to souls and predict complex human behavior. Curious?  Download a PDF of the book free.

  • The legal axiom of always doubting the testimony of children is sound: research shows that child psychologists were worst than random chance at determining when a child was lying.
  • Your feeling that courts are overly confident in expert testimony is well founded: in two of three cases psychological professionals incorrectly predict which violent criminals will repeat their offenses.

I’ll be back to sharing my own views on the law and online marketing tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Professor Hagen’s indictment of expert psychological testimony.

2 Responses to "Free Book Download: Dr. Margaret Hagen’s Whores of the Court"

  • battery-stores

    May 21, 2010

    Very helpful, thanks so much. I like it.

  • Terrence

    January 2, 2012

    I spent seven years confined in a make-believe loony bin cum prison, based on the dubious predictions of psychologists for sale in California. Indeed, some of these whores of the court fleeced the Golden State for over a million dollars a year, contriving “evaluations” based on personal bias and political expediency, rather than impartial judgement and impirical data. Hundreds of millions of dollars thus continue to be wasted on catering to a highly emotional, fear-oriented public, while the truly impaired and mentally ill suffer from a lack of resources in states, like California, where deficits have reached astronomical proportions.

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