Firefox Share Tops 20%

Marketing Vox has a nearly day-by-day analysis of Firefox’s increasing popularity during the US election and holiday season.  Microsoft’s share has eroded a bit, and other competitors such as Chrome and Safari just aren’t growing like Firefox.

This puts Firefox on the right side of the 80/20 divide, which is how many developers assess what is really “mainstream.”

For those of us watching tech law, it demonstrates real competition in the browser market. And for developers, it means that Firefox compatibility is now, without a doubt, mainstream.

New to Firefox?
Its users like that it is targeted by fewer viruses, provides tabbed browsing, and has a huge number of extension programs.  And it’s free here. Though a high share of corporate desktops default to IE, B2B users are absolutely using Firefox. In fact, I use it more that IE, and find switching between them to be a breeze.

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