January 23, 2009

Google Offers Exchange for Worthless Employee Stock Options

January 23rd 2009

Yesterday, Google announced a limited time offer to bring its employees stock options back to par, by trading them for what their stock will be worth on March 2nd, 2009. About 85% of Google’s (remaining) employees have stock options with a value which is, well, below zero. That is, their exercise price is higher than […]

Monster Cable’s Trademark Case: Monster Pathetic

January 23rd 2009

Some months back, the Monster Cable company (not to be confused with Monster.com) filed a suit against Monster Mini Golf of Rhode Island. It seems that Monster Cable (not to be confused with Monster Energy Drinks) felt that the public would become catastrophically confused between “stereo cables” and a “chain of glow-in-the-dark wicked-cool mini-golf courses […]