JC Penney Breakfast Club Ad Update

My interest in JC Penney’s Breakfast Club ad grew from a question one of our readers, Eli, emailed in. He wanted to know if Penney’s had licensed the use of the Breakfast Club scenes they re-enacted in the advertisement. There certainly seemed to be a copyright issue in play.

Kate Parkhouse, who manages the brand’s public relations, confirmed that JC Penney paid rights holders for replicating scenes from the original film. She further pointed out that they did not have to receive actor permission as they did not replicate original characters.

Congratulations to JC Penney. I know that various blogs have reacted to its use of this semi-iconic film. But, when was the last time you saw a remarkable Penney’s ad? This one cut through the clutter and drew attention. And it did so in a family-friendly positive way.

The questions now is how they build on this. Might there be a Wonderful Life Christmas ad in the works?

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