Wikileaks Is Back Up in the US!

Image: wikileaks logoJudge Jeffrey White has reversed his decision requiring the site’s domain registrar to direct traffic away from the site’s US domain. Users quickly discovered the site maintains mirror sites around the world, so the court order likely only increased the site’s traffic.

The judge issued an order to restore the domain yesterday at 5pm.  Judge White reconsidered his initial decision because “federal law required it,” and because he was having second thoughts. “There are serious questions of prior restraint, possible violations of the First Amendment,” he said.

Read earlier coverage of Judge White’s order, or my perspective snitching and spying on the Web.

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  • Unknown.

    December 3, 2010

    It is to the rights of all American citizens to understand the unmoral actions and of the moral justices that a nation, or empire decides to, and Wikileaks is a branch of form of actual fact information and not false fed lies to cover ones own butt. I stand to get another site that is at least willing to not lie to me and hope that my hurtful Government wont further take actions against its own people.

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