Criminal Law

The Digital Hunt for the Craigslist Killer Spawns Fresh Legal Issues

May 1st 2012

Along with a huge amount of info, photos and recordings around the “Craigslist Killer” investigation – the Boston Police’s release of its Facebook subpoena response raises a tangle of unresolved privacy issues. These include whether Facebook’s policies favor prosecutors, and the privacy of innocent friends. You can also listen in on the cat and mouse of the interrogation, which is on YouTube. Amazing.

Is WikiLeaks Ethical, Criminal, or an Immune Nuisance?

December 3rd 2010

Washington politicians are falling over each other to establish who can be the most bombastic about WikiLeaks. But is there a crime or ethical offense the website is guilty of?

Terry Childs, SF’s Rogue Network Engineer, Sentenced to 4 Years

August 11th 2010

Judge Teri Jackson sentenced Terry Childs to 4 years in prison last week. Childs took sole control of San Francisco’s city network for nearly two weeks claiming he was the only person certified for such access.  He eventually provided administrative access to the mayor who negotiated with Childs after his arrest. Childs will next receive […]

Terry Childs, ‘Maniacal’ City Network Engineer, Found Guilty

April 28th 2010

Back in July of 2008 we covered the story of Terry Childs, a network administrator for the City of San Francisco, who was imprisoned after taking sole control of the city’s network.  Though services were not interrupted, he locked out the rest of the city’s IT staff from the city’s network. After the Mayor of […]