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Why Apple Watch & Facebook Win as Pebble Watch & Twitter Struggle

June 15th 2015

The Apple Watch is a watershed product because it is a masterful consumerization of technology, and it begins to show how industries and our lives may change living among an Internet of Things.

Apple’s Twin Goals: App Primacy and PC Convergence

October 23rd 2013

Yesterday’s Apple product launch featured improvements to its iPad and Mac products, but it also revealed its strategy beyond products to line-up for growth while depositioning Google, Microsoft and Amazon for what could be a big holiday season.

Why Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week: FutureM w/ Vsnap, Nanigans and ISITE Design

October 14th 2013

Its Boston’s crazy marketing week with FutureM, Digital Pulse, AMA, and Inbound Marketng Summit drawing attendees from around the world to Boston just in time to catch some great baseball. Step this way to get in on a great discussion, followed by beer with Boston AMA.

Four Beautiful Tools to Keep You Poised

September 26th 2013

Welcome to my Quick ‘n’ Dirty Fall edition of digital tools to make it easier to be awesome. These just keep coming up in conversations with friends who ask about managing priories and projects, great design, and making ideas visual. I’d love to hear what tools you like – and if you’ve used any of these.

Plow Me: Its Uber for Snow Removal

February 9th 2013

Hold the phone – the Internet has delivered another slug of civilized goodness: Plow Me. The best web apps change service model design, here’s how Plow Me sets out to do just that.

Hubway: Car Free in Boston with a Bike That Has Analytics

November 11th 2012

Its been a year since I went car-free in Boston. Here are a few thoughts on that, and using Hubway bikes as a way to beat traffic and have fun too.

Want to See an Awesome App? (Congrats to ISITE on a big launch!)

April 26th 2012

The last 24 hours has been awesome ball soup cool.  It all started with the launch of Columbia sportswear’s very cool Portable Activity Log app. This free app builds on Columbia’s customers’ passion for adventure, by giving them and everyone else who joins in a free tool to collect and share news of your adventures. […]

What Is Pinterest, and Why Should Anyone Care?

March 16th 2012

Sure, there’s hype, but Pinterest is the front edge of at least two important digital marketing trends. If you’re a digital manager, you need a clear point of view on this for those you advise. And if you’re just curious, this is your invitation to check out this fun, innovative, new social network.

Update: Webtrends Buys App Platform Start-Up Transpond, Boosts Social Media Analytics

August 10th 2010

Web analytics stalwart Webtrends is increasing its ability to measure traffic from Facebook users and iPhone owners with the acquisition of app platform provider Transpond. They see the acquisition as a complement to their purchase of landing-page optimizer Widemile (now Webtrends Optimize). The Bay Area start-up employs 10, and provides a suite of software-as-a-service tools that […]

Quark (Remember Them?) & Ray Kurzweil Take On Adobe InDesign For Making eBooks

June 30th 2010

In the mid-’90s, Quark was the leading tool for print publishing.  It was a generation ahead of Adobe’s PageMaker, which in those days I called the “publishing tool of Satan.” But Adobe launched the more economical InDesign, connected to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Soon, Quark was in Adobe’s digital rear-view mirror. Last week, Quark announced […]