Join Me for Advertising & Customer Experience Marketing Webinar

Hey, the great people at Marketing Profs have asked me to deliver some disruptive thoughts on how advertising and customer experience fit together. This online event takes place Tuesday, June 12, 2-3PM Eastern Time, and its part of MarketingProfs Digital Advertising Academy.

This will be fun and a bit of a hat trick — because I’ve been following a number of companies that are gaining huge audiences with very little advertising. Instead, they gather customers and equip them with experiences and a value proposition that they enthusiastically spread.

The Brands Whose Customers Tell the Best Stories Win.
I recently read that the average American sees 90,000 paid ads a year. Now that number could be low or high, but one thing’s for sure: Few of us wish there were more ads, and most of us are great at ignoring those we see. It takes something really different to get our attention – the kind of experience that makes customers give a damn.

Google, TedTalks, and Amazon are mass market successes because  they nail customer experience. So do Apple, and Building 19. Nailing it isn’t about beauty or art – its about figuring out what it takes to delight buyers; and building the firm from the inside out around that.

A few free passes for friends still remain!  Tweet me at @UsefulArts right away if you’d like one (they’ll go fast) – or get a ticket and come on it. The hashtag for the event is #mprofsu – come join the fray. ;>

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