What is Your Life Vision For Work? A Time to Think About What We’re Doing.


Some days it feels like I work in a 90’s start-up. Its high growth, which is a polite way to say it often feels like a slow motion riot. I like it that way.  Really.

There’s the free beverage machine, team building, even the occasional massage.  But by far the most interesting benefit, has been team coaching for a bunch of our marketing team’s senior managers.

Anytime the usual flow of work is disrupted, there’s the usual annoyance of interruption, and the promise and threat of upending”the usual”.  But disruption is what leaders do, its makes change. Part of this involved writing the “vision” our life’s work.

The skeptic in me still questions what the difference is between vision, mission, and life goals.  But it is undeniable that there’s real value starting with an end in mind.  So, here’s what I came up with, which certainly applies to what I write here.

Please take a look. I’d be interested in your thoughts, and if this sounds like anyone you know. I’m a marketer, note the use of my “Urkel” vocabulary. Still, its my best shot at what I really do.

My personal vision is a world where people:

  • Recognize irrepressible opportunity for growth and creativity.
  • And exhibit the power of innovation, and the persistence and diligence as the foundation for expertise and strategic positioning.

I’m gathering a cadre of digital marketers who use design, writing, brand strategy, and marketing technology in combination.  Together we will move markets and delight clients while building a name for highest ethics the expertise in the communities we serve.

That’s what I’m working on in my office, and at home and on the road as I share ideas about the future of digital marketing. And actually, this clarity has been a nice dividend from what could have been a missed opportunity.

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