ATT Sues Verizon, and Yep, “There’s a Map for That”

Verizon’s all-3G network makes ATT’s 3G map look spotty at best. However, ATT has tremendous 2G coverage, which means though you may not be able to use an iPhone’s online features, you’re not entirely “out of touch,” as Verizon’s ad states.  Engadget is covering this case like a blanket.

As Niley Patel notes:

All that said, it’s hard to deny that Verizon’s ads made a perfectly valid point: using an iPhone on AT&T’s network in New York or San Francisco is an exercise in frustration, regardless of whether you have 2G or 3G, and we’ve had zero problems on Verizon. Let’s just hope AT&T is working as hard to fight these ads with its actual service as it is with its lawyers.

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