RIAA Dumps MediaSentry

The RIAA has dumped one of its main enforcement units (and I mean “enforcement” as in “Frank Nitty“) by firing MediaSentry. MediaSentry was used by the RIAA to supposedly gather information on suspected illegal file sharers and report the data back to the RIAA.

But the tactics used by MediaSentry have caused outrage from various legal corners and underscore the RIAA’s “at any cost” stance against the public. According to the Wall Street Journal, one tactic used by Media Sentry was to identify copyrighted music files on a person’s computer and then download them. These downloads would then be used as evidence against the owners of the PCs. This practice is certainly slimy and never constituted evidence of intent or fact of illegality.

The parent company of MediaSentry claims it is phasing out that service anyway. I can’t help but think how quickly this all happened since Harvard Professor of Law Charles Nesson became directly involved in the Tenenbaum case.

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