Useful Arts to Blog From Virtual Law Conference 2008

Image: Virtual Law Conference bannerThe 2008 Virtual Law Conference boasts a fantastic line-up of legal topics that attendees will take up at this Spring’s conference in New York.  And I’m thrilled to have been invited to cover its proceedings for

The Virtual Law Agenda:

  • The top 10 things brands should know about virtual worlds
  • IP enforcement mechanism in virtual worlds
  • Legal issues in virtual currency
  • The law of virtual property rights
  • Litigating a virtual law suit
  • Ethical concerns around legal practice in virtual worlds

I’m looking forward to visiting with UsefulArts readers at the show; please let me know if you’ll be attending.  And you can look forward to interesting news and views to share starting on April 3rd. 

All the best,
Dave Wieneke

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