Five years in the future: voice Interfaces will work as your “Other Brain”

December 17th 2019

200 million smart speakers will have been sold globally by the end of this year. We are living in a voice-controlled world right now; we just haven’t made the most of it yet.

Zeno’s Marketing Paradox: Native Advertising as a Ramp To Customer Experience

February 5th 2014

From Dell to EdX, Columbia Sportswear to Red Bull — advertising is increasingly less about claiming value, and more about delivering it through memorable experiences. That’s the secret behind Zeno’s Paradox of Marketing.

Apple’s Twin Goals: App Primacy and PC Convergence

October 23rd 2013

Yesterday’s Apple product launch featured improvements to its iPad and Mac products, but it also revealed its strategy beyond products to line-up for growth while depositioning Google, Microsoft and Amazon for what could be a big holiday season.

New Apple Software Points the Way in Post PC World

July 23rd 2013

Apple’s new Logic Pro and Logic Remote shows an evolving mobile architecture in which the user interface to services is the high ground of business.

Digital Experience and Mobile Strategy

March 29th 2013

Thanks to everyone who welcomed my talk on how digital experience bridges the gap between empowered mobile customers and the brands to seek to earn their preference.

Finally a Creative Use of QR Codes That is Awesome-ball Cool!

November 9th 2012

You may recall that I’m a bit of a QR code skeptic. However – here’s an idea that I think lights up an amazing canvas for marketers and consumers. And since its on whiskey bottles, I’m only too eager to help you and test this out.

Join Me for Disruptive Digital Discussions in Oregon, New Jersey & Massachusetts

September 25th 2012

October is always a huge month for conferences and learning – and I want to encourage you to come be part of these three exciting discussion about the future of digital strategy.

Join Me Online Tuesday for the Mobile Marketing Crash Course

June 22nd 2012

The Online Marketing Institute challenged me to put together the ultimate Crash Course for charting your course for mobile webistes and mobile applications. Join us for the fastest deep dive on mobile marketing anywhere.

Want to See an Awesome App? (Congrats to ISITE on a big launch!)

April 26th 2012

The last 24 hours has been awesome ball soup cool.  It all started with the launch of Columbia sportswear’s very cool Portable Activity Log app. This free app builds on Columbia’s customers’ passion for adventure, by giving them and everyone else who joins in a free tool to collect and share news of your adventures. […]

Free Webinar: How to Make Mobile Development Future Friendly

April 9th 2012

Get an hour of mobile strategy and development insight from the guy I am fortunate to go to for advice, Gene Ehrbar. You’ll get a great view of how responsive design can keep your digital marketing “Future Friendly” even as delivery devices continue to proliferate.