Social Media Greatness Within Reach: Achieve Without Limits

July 14th 2011

Some of the absolute best social media work anywhere is being done by a century-old firm you probably already know. The Hartford’s Achieve Without Limits is taking cause marketing to “at-scale success”. Come take a look.


SEO Is to Marketing as Day Trading Is to Finance

March 2nd 2011

Google wrapping SEO in moral terms of “back and white hat” is nonsensical, as SEO gamers are competing in an inefficient market of Google own making. And, once a single firm games Google, its competitors must follow suite or cede substantial website traffic to less ethical players.


Web 3.0: Is this the End of the Digital World As We Know It?

February 15th 2011

The combination of convenience, more immersive app experiences, and greater device and data interoperability will drive a user experience revolution. I’ve talked about this since 2007, but it’s our industry’s story for 2011.


The Darker Side of Corporations “Getting Social”

January 25th 2011

At first social media looked like a pathway to “hyper-empowered” consumers. But as corporations get good at social, their automation, analytics and use of personal data will produced “hyper-empowered” marketers. Once “brand you” has a valuation, the big brands will make their own influence markets.


Solitude, God and Social Media or: Stop Tweeting and Listen.

December 19th 2010

Solitude – something freely available to everyone – seems rarer than all our hand-held technical marvels made of the most exotic materials on earth. A look at our digital lives, the night, and why we’re better for occasionally departing from the social stream.


SEO Truth: “Faking it for the Algorithm” is a Sucker Bet

November 1st 2010

When firms start taking meaningless actions to look good for Google, it creates both a distraction and a vulnerability. Here’s why following SEO fads is a sucker bet.


Spot Stupid without Reading a Whole Blog Post (Hint: Kill the Ninja)

October 18th 2010

A “happily ranty” how to on ditching tired social media formulas to write stronger content, and be a social media statesman rather than another social media windbag.

FutreM: the future of marketing

The Future of Digital Strategy: Archive Video from FutureM 2010

October 7th 2010

If you didn’t get to Boston’s FutureM conference this year, here’s a taste. This session on the future of digital strategy included enterprise marketers from four of Boston’s most innovative brands.