Zeno’s Marketing Paradox: Native Advertising as a Ramp To Customer Experience

February 5th 2014

From Dell to EdX, Columbia Sportswear to Red Bull — advertising is increasingly less about claiming value, and more about delivering it through memorable experiences. That’s the secret behind Zeno’s Paradox of Marketing.

Why No One is an Agency Anymore, and Why No One Cares

March 3rd 2013

I’ve been seeing quite a few agencies claiming to be “anti-agencies”. There are lots of reasons why the agency business model should evolve, but new ways of creating value rarely start with positioning.

Customer Experience Makes Five Guys the Top Ranked Burger in the US

March 1st 2013

The burger business is a big deal in the United States. A small chain, Five Guys Burgers and Fries has jumped to the head of burger pack – and the did it without advertising, one meal at a time.

Best job ever? Usability Testing Bartender

February 21st 2013

I’ve seen the future of usability; it has a buzz on. Watch this funny video and grasp the genius of testing users under the influence. See why I want to be your bartender of usability testing.

Companies with Top Customer Experiences Out-Score Super Bowl Advertisers

January 31st 2013

A quick look at revenue growth over three years shows that companies loved by their clients grew more than twice as fast as Super Bowl advertisers.

What I Found at Caine’s Arcade, a Few Minutes of Fun

July 3rd 2012

This Spring, Caine Monroy became famous in some parts because of his cardboard arcade. Patricia Yuse visited the arcade, and shares some thoughts about what causes viral movements to grow.

Amanda Palmer Won’t Settle for Less. Monitizing engagement is just the start.

June 24th 2012

Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter triumph is awesome-ball cool, but it’s just the start. The real magic is what you can do with a business model based on fan love.

Quotes and Photos from Keynoting The Future of Digital Marketing in London

June 23rd 2011

What’s the future of digital marketing? Get a taste of the discussion from my presentation on the era of mobile and application marketing last week in London.

QR Codes and Giant Rats: My Article in AdAge Stirs Debate & Approval

June 9th 2011

My article in this week’s Advertising Age takes on the over-use of QR-codes in advertising — and suggests that sometimes giant stuffed rats just work better than QR codes.

Social Media Outsourcing: Don’t Turn Your Life into a Frasier Episode

March 3rd 2011

Four social media voices explain where they draw the line on ghost writing and social media outsourcing. Where do you draw the line between authenticity, posing, and deception?