Strong-Arm Tactics Revive Yahoo Deal and Regulatory Concern

July 8th 2008

On the day Microsoft announced its plan to acquire Yahoo back in February, I posted my doubts that Microhoo would be established within a year, which was then the media and company line. While supporting Carl Icahn’s proxy fight and pressuring Yahoo’s board may get a Yahoo deal on the table, this will also underscore the anti-competitive […]

Done Deal: Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Bid

May 5th 2008

Three months ago, on the day when this offer was announced, I made the post Microsoft Purchase of Yahoo Won’t Happen as Predicted.   Over the weekend, Steve Ballmer withdrew MSFT’s offer. Yahoo stock is trading about 20% below where it closed Friday; Microsoft is up. The Wall Street Journal‘s Deal Blog dissects Ballmer’s letter to Yang […]