Online contract

Terms of Service Accessibility: Legal Terms with a Layman’s Summary

April 7th 2009

Occasionally, one finds a website that does something a little different or a little better than everybody else. Recently, a friend pointed me towards a website whose Terms of Service (ToS ) makes a good-faith effort to explain in layman’s terms what the heck they are talking about. At, an online image editing service, […]

Lori Drew Guilty: Overly Broad User Agreements May Land Users in Jail

November 27th 2008

This morning, LinkedIn began promoting its new User Agreement. #3 in its list of Don’ts is: (Don’t) include information in your profile or in Status Updates which reveals your identity such as an email address, phone number or address or is confidential in nature; Of course, simply by linking to the User Agreement, I may […]