It’s … Monty Python’s Big Score!

In what can be compared to finding the Holy Grail, the results are in for Monty Python’s efforts to encourage their legion of fans to refrain from supporting illegal uploading of their work onto the internet and buy Python DVDs. In a previous article, we described how Python was building their own YouTube channel, which will feature premium-quality versions of their sketches in order to promote their DVD sales. Their approach was simple: instead of getting angry and launching Inter-Continental Ballistic Lawyers, the guys decided to give out high-quality samples, hoping people would be as hungry as Mr. Creosote in a sweet shop for more.

Well, it worked. Frightfully well.

According to many sources, when comparing the before-and-after sales stats, the increase in DVD sales on Amazon as a result of this straightforward, honest marketing gesture has increased by 23,000%.


Python is making far more money than probably all those who illegally uploaded their stuff combined. With all the extra lolly, I’m sure each Python will soon be able to afford a luxury yacht (even if it some will actually call them Throat-Warbler Mangroves).

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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