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GOP’s deal with the Devil leads to this week’s fatwa against the FBI

August 13th 2022

This week the GOP issued a fatwa to violently oppose the FBI. From former President, to official and media the call was amplified, in a party which has waited for generations to ‘use the guns’. This isn’t random; it is not hidden, and its not over.

Trump’s re-election starts with bullying, fakery and a ban on blocking in social media

July 18th 2019

From ‘fake’ social media endorsements, bullying and a court ban on blocking Twitter followers – the campaign is already hot with digital issues. Its election season, so I guess I’m commenting on the digital life of politics again, occasionally.

Making the NY Times and Nordstrom Great Again: When Trump Attacks Do His Targets Profit?

February 10th 2017

On Wednesday, President Trump berated Nordstrom for dropping Presidential daughter, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their shelves. As the Seattle Times reported, there was a brief dip followed by a 4% rally. And while you can chalk this up to Nordstrom stores being located in Democratic strong holds, or liberal investors allocating with their politics, […]

Tantrum Over Irrelevant Facebook Research Reveals Gaping Digital Naivety

July 3rd 2014

The media tantrum complex — those who fill continuous air time with breaking news and acrimony have no incentive to point out that the findings of Facebook’s controversial research suggest how little influence its newsfeed really creates, and how flimsy this research is in the first place.

Social Media Rule #1: Shed Your Idiots Now

September 5th 2013

Are organizations that are fixated on having the right social media policy missing the chance to address larger cultural deficits? Consider sad story of Northwestern University’s School of Medicine, now being sued for the unethical and potentially malicious use of social media by one of its fellows.

Twitter Buys TV Social Analyltics Firm as Second Screen Viewing Wins Super Bowl

February 6th 2013

Second screen viewers crashed the websites of Super Bowl advertisers and accounted for 3% of viewership of the event. Klout score may rank your use of Twitter, but thanks to its purchase of Bluefin Labs, Twitter will be able to rate the impact of broadcast media and global events among its users.

What I Found at Caine’s Arcade, a Few Minutes of Fun

July 3rd 2012

This Spring, Caine Monroy became famous in some parts because of his cardboard arcade. Patricia Yuse visited the arcade, and shares some thoughts about what causes viral movements to grow.

Amanda Palmer Won’t Settle for Less. Monitizing engagement is just the start.

June 24th 2012

Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter triumph is awesome-ball cool, but it’s just the start. The real magic is what you can do with a business model based on fan love.

LinkedIn’s Bad Week: 6.5m Hacked Passwords, And Caught Sucking In Your Private Data

June 6th 2012

Linked In confirms that potentially millions of its passwords have been compromised – and this comes just a day after they were discovered to be sneaking data from mobile users may fall on the wrong site of privacy rules. Here’s what you need to do right now to protect your data and perhaps your identity.

No Bubble Here: Pulitzer Prizes Show Social Media is Core to Newsroom

April 18th 2012

I’ve been hearing the words “social bubble” a lot this week, even as Huffington Post and Politico become the first blogs to win Pulitzers. That’s a chance to reconsider what a bubble really is – and why if anything I think the mature use of social media is still a rare and hot commodity.