April 2024

Why Student Protesters Focus on Divestment and Gaza Rather Than Ukraine

April 27th 2024

This week, protests and police actions swept campuses across the US, but these seem more focused on addressing campus issues than stopping war or casualties. And why Gaza rather than Ukraine? I try to make sense of this all as it happens.

Trump’s first criminal trial is about election interference; framing it as “hush money” hides this.

April 18th 2024

This hush-money framing does the case a disservice. It makes it seem lurid and less consequential than those involving the constitutional order of government or divulging intelligence secrets. It presents an intimate, tidy, and contained narrative, which also is false.

Criminality piles-up around Truth Social. Is DJT the first political stock?

April 5th 2024

Fraud and insider trading may be just the start. There’s a tie to perjured Biden bribery testimony, and apparently one inside trader make a large loan to Truth Social. Get the details.