December 2019

The week raising the smoking age, extending family leave, and funding research on gun violence was obscured by history

December 22nd 2019

Along with the healthcare-related news in the headline, there’s also a description of research showing the psychiatric impact of school shootings on classmates.

Santa’s privilege check: Kringle rethinks the ‘Naughty or Nice?’ list in a remarkable mental health ad

December 20th 2019

Our most meaningful work will almost never arrive wrapped in RFPs. Take a look at this beautiful ad by Weiden + Kennedy for the National Alliance On Mental Illness. Its a gift.

Five years in the future: voice Interfaces will work as your “Other Brain”

December 17th 2019

200 million smart speakers will have been sold globally by the end of this year. We are living in a voice-controlled world right now; we just haven’t made the most of it yet.

The week Congress cut a deal for family leave – and I taught in snowy New Jersey

December 14th 2019

This week’s healthcare news: Pete Frates, Dr. John Halamka, federal leave, and drug pricing, CVS helping Aetna members with oncology, and my take on the benefits of teaching what you do as part of doing it.

Do you agree that hospitals keeping pricing agreements with payers secret is really protected speech?

December 9th 2019

Last week the American Hospital Association filed a lawsuit to help hospitals avoid disclosing often secret agreements with insurers — their novel argument is that revealing pricing arrangements would violate hospitals’ free speech rights.

The week healthcare needed to flip its humanity to tech ratio, and I was in Denver

December 7th 2019

This week’s news includes lots of technology related snarls, and a reminder that when we talk about trends in healthcare – we’re talking about lots of human lives.