Want to See an Awesome App? (Congrats to ISITE on a big launch!)

The last 24 hours has been awesome ball soup cool. 

It all started with the launch of Columbia sportswear’s very cool Portable Activity Log app. This free app builds on Columbia’s customers’ passion for adventure, by giving them and everyone else who joins in a free tool to collect and share news of your adventures.

I think their corporate home page’s announcement may be the best thing I’ve seen on a computer screen. Columbia’s devoted the bulk of their home page to promoting its launch – and again, the word awesome comes to mind. Take a look.

Today Engadget described it as lapping Google’s related offering…that’s a good day!

Google’s own adventure tracking app just got majorly one-upped by a company that also happens to make heated jackets…It’s free to download, and aside from monitoring your hikes and treks via GPS, it also syncs photos, videos, and trail information to a web journal automatically, complete with pinpoint geotagging information on each piece of media…

It’ll keep track of elevation changes, current speed and distance traveled, and it makes sharing said trips to social networks — quite the lesson in simplicity.

Get it for yourself free —  The app is a cross between Map My Run, Four Square, and your trusty GPS. Give it a spin.


If you read this blog, you know how highly I think of ISITE’s customer experience and mobile teams – and Gene Ehrbar who I’ve co-taught mobile marketing bootcamp with. Its great working on strategy with a team that challenges you to go big, and to see this kind of delivery on brands from consumer, to B2B, to .EDUs.

As a one-time trek guide and digital native, it doesn’t get better than this. Please send any feedback you like this way — and if you dig it write a review and tell friends.

Remember – you can’t luck out if you’re not there….and if you do luck out, get a few photos or videos of the good times, plant some GPS markers, and tell the story in style.

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