Email Marketing & Abuse

The Future of Email Marketing & Messaging

November 2nd 2011

Live from London, here’s the deck on how email marketing and digital marketers are using new tactics to move the right audience to Act.

Netflix Reverses Course: Decides Against Poorly Considered Split-Up

October 11th 2011

Netflex has sent out another impersonal, awkward client message announcing it won’t split up the company. Instead, CEO Reed Hastings should cut a video showing people the brilliance ahead in the Netflix future, and assure subscribers that someone with vision and a steady hand is running the show.

Hold the Presses: Boston May Be the Email Marketing Capital of the World.

October 21st 2010

The Boston area had as many featured firms as the whole state of California, and more than New York. Per capita, we’re a digital marketing hive.

Nice Surprise: Marketing Sherpa is Quoting Me on Email Tricks

March 26th 2010

My friend Steve Singer just emailed that Marketing Sherpa is quoting me on one of my favorite contrarian email tactics. Act like a person, not a marketer. Most people don’t send html emails full of images to their friends; it’s just not necessary. They already have a relationship with the recipient and something of value […]

False Identity: A Federal Crime in the US, But Heroic in the UK?

November 23rd 2009

On The Internet Nobody Knows If You’re a 14-Year-Old Girl In Wales, a 61-year-old woman suspected that her husband had been sharing elicit emails with a 14-year-old girl, and feared he was a pedophile. She logged on from a computer elsewhere in their home, pretended to be such a girl, and found he was all […]

The Four New Pillars of Digital Marketing: At DMA in Palo Alto

September 25th 2009

This morning I visited the DMA of Northern California to offer some thoughts for a round table discussion on the Four Emerging Pillars of Digital Marketing.  I appreciated hearing about the projects and challenges group members are taking on, and to share some of what we’re up to at Sokolove Law. We got on to […]

Add Video to Your Marketing Mix Now: 10 Reasons Why

September 9th 2009

1. Audience Reach According to research from the Pew Institute, the number of online users who have watched video in the last month has doubled from two years ago.  That audience is now larger than the base of social media users.  It’s three times larger than those who have listened to a podcast, and five […]

Email and Cell Calls on PDAs Can Raise Wage & Hour Claims

August 14th 2009

We love and hate the Blackberries and iPhones that tether us to the world of work.  I remember having just started my first lead-gen campaign, and receiving an auto-update of new business while riding a chair lift. Having grown up around farms, I’m comfortable with work and life having lots of overlap. That said, the […]

I’m Speaking On Digital Direct Marketing to QC Ad Federation

May 22nd 2009

I’m digging out my high school letter jacket to return to Moline, Illinios, where I’ll be talking to the local advertising federation on June 9th. The topic, Digital Direct Marketing, is about how to assemble systems and practices to provide more personalized relevant online experiences. Details here. Retention is the New Acquisition I’m planning to […]

Heading to Chicago to Speak on Digital Best Practices at BMA

April 27th 2009

I’m thrilled to be heading to Chicago in June speak at the Business Marketing Association’s Annual Meeting. As you can see, the conference theme is to un-learn and empower brands to better adapt to the dramatically changing world of B-to-B marketing. The “dynamic personalization” dream team Last fall I was part of a really fun […]