Future of Digital Marketing

Doing the Healthcare Rap: talking marketing innovation with Jared Johnson

June 5th 2020

Jared Johnson is a prolific interviewer and keen watcher of innovation in healthcare marketing. We had a twenty-minute talk which has dropped as the latest episode of the Healthcare Rap.

Join Me Online Tuesday for the Mobile Marketing Crash Course

June 22nd 2012

The Online Marketing Institute challenged me to put together the ultimate Crash Course for charting your course for mobile webistes and mobile applications. Join us for the fastest deep dive on mobile marketing anywhere.

Educating the First Wave of Trained Digital Strategy Leads

April 1st 2012

To know the future of digital marketing, it helps to spend time with the next generation’s talent. That’s why I’m at three universities in the next week, to share and learn from the first cohort of trained digital managers. Here’s what I’ve seen.

Health Care is a Digital Marketing Frontier / Join Me for a Free Conference in Boston

March 29th 2012

Health Care reform is a hot topic: meet my friend, health care economist & blogger Austin Frakt. Also, get the scoop on a free digital marketing conference in Boston where I’ll talk about how digital marketing will help drive huge changes in the way we select health care.

Join Me for a Free Webinar: 5 Moves for Digital Success in 2012

December 12th 2011

Hey, it’s time we caught up! ISITE Design is sponsoring a free webinar in which I get to share the five things you need to do now to drive your digital business’ success. This has been an amazing year of working with great marketers around the world. I’m thrilled to have a chance to share […]

The Future of Marketing Starts Today: Day One of FutureM in Boston

September 12th 2011

Today’s the first day of FutureM, the week-long conference on the Future of Marketing, taking place here in Boston. Here’s my take on the day, and where I’ll be. If you’re around, come say hi.

Quotes and Photos from Keynoting The Future of Digital Marketing in London

June 23rd 2011

What’s the future of digital marketing? Get a taste of the discussion from my presentation on the era of mobile and application marketing last week in London.

Making Sense of Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Skype Phone Bill

May 12th 2011

Last night I was with Microsoft Online Services President, Qi Lu, who shared Microsoft’s view of the web’s future. Microsoft’s Skype purchases fits within a set of strategic themes that reflect how Microsoft sees its self and the digital landscape.

How Mobile Shopping is Reinventing the Shopping Experience

March 28th 2011

Mobile commerce is erasing the line between online and in-person shopping. Dave Wieneke provides a look at this market’s growth and ways retailers are building their mcommerce future.

Web 3.0: Is this the End of the Digital World As We Know It?

February 15th 2011

The combination of convenience, more immersive app experiences, and greater device and data interoperability will drive a user experience revolution. I’ve talked about this since 2007, but it’s our industry’s story for 2011.