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On Lawyer Advertising, Free Speech, Personal Injury Law, Ethics and Decency

April 12th 2010

This is  a story about Eric and Jack, who both blog about the law with an eye on topics that are enlightening, ennobling, or at least entertaining. By now you’ve probably heard about Eric Turkewitz, who wrote an April 1st post in his NY Personal Injury Law Blog announcing he was the new Whitehouse blogger. […]

Law Firm Files AdWords Suit in Wrong Court, Loses, Declares Victory

March 25th 2010

New Haven law firm Stratton Faxon sued Google for selling competitor ads triggered by searches on their name. Specifically, they alleged that these ads interfered with the firm’s business relations with clients, were an unfair business practice under Connecticut state law, and resulted in unjust enrichment. Read the details on Lawyers and Settlements. Note the […]

Legal Advertising & Bar Regulation Are a Mess: No §230 for Lawyers?

February 20th 2010

The uniformly wonderful Georgetown Law prof, Rebecca Tushnet, notes in her 43(b)log a recent opinion of the South Carolina Ethics Bar that is somewhat dismissive of  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. State bars are struggling to figure out how to regulate everything from keyword advertising to chat-room participation to marketing done by intermediaries. There […]

If Lawyer Advertising Embraced Tactics from the Oldest Profession

January 31st 2010

I don’t need to tell you, its a tough time to be a young lawyer. This dark send-up of lawyer advertising suggests that the economy may bring our best and brightest to promote themselves using desperate measures.  This sketch is from Almost Live a local comedy show based in Seattle. As you can imagine, Aurora […]

Clorox Gets a Social Media Attorney: AdAge Gets Misty

January 26th 2010

AdAge proclaimed Clorox’s move to hire a social media attorney as “Testament to the Importance of Twitter and Facebook“.  Like much of traditional ad media, AdAge is rushing to show it gets social media and is relevant. This made quite a forward-looking headline, but the joke is on AdAge. Clorox scored some free ink, while […]

Legal Marketing via Social Media: 7 Real World Examples

January 25th 2010

Legal Marketing articles describe marketing with social media in vague terms. “Start a blog”, “listen”, “create good content”. This isn’t new stuff, heck, over the weekend even the Pope told Priests to Blog.  Its time to get real about social media and law firm marketing. So here are seven meaty examples of one law firm, […]

Under Pressure, Law Firm Pulls Down Disgusting Legal Advertising

December 4th 2009

Congratulations, and thanks to you, Lindeman, Alvarado, & Frye, the law firm several hundred of you have helped hector, has pulled down the images we called the worst advertising ever. It was amazing to see some of you commenting them on their site with Google Sidewiki, and advocating in social media for what amounts to […]

Free Book Download: Dr. Margaret Hagen’s Whores of the Court

December 1st 2009

Back in the day when I was studying Lay Epistemology, a theory in social psych, Margaret Hagen held a lot of the cool in Boston University’s psychology department. She is the type of researcher who is rigorous, sarcastic, and unafraid to bite the hand that feeds her. Which means she’s fun and a smart read. […]

Law Firm Ads Court Pedophiles, Rapists, and Child Beaters with Ugly Tactics

November 29th 2009

In the Court of Bad Advertising, Can You Plead Insanity? Likely the worst legal advertising ever, along with a taste of the web’s swift response.

Law Firm’s Plagiarized Website Subject to Expanded Jurisdiction

August 10th 2009

A 50-person law firm with a national practice in asbestos litigation found that the text of its Elder Law website was copied verbatim as the basis for a new site for a firm in another part of the state.  The plaintiff firm, Brayton Purcell, filed suit claiming copyright infringement, false advertising, unfair competition and misappropriation. […]