Software as a Service

CDC Software Invests in MarketBright Lead Management

May 28th 2010

CDC Software makes the Pivotal CRM.  It has been badly disadvantaged by not being able to integrate easily with digital marketing systems, as competitors Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and even SugarCRM increasingly can. So CDC is making a strategic investment in MarketBright, a good mid-market lead-management system.  CDC will start reselling MarketBright.  And MarketBright will […]

Ten Laws of Building a SaaS Company

December 21st 2008

Software as a Service (SaaS) market leader and service provider recently hosted a presentation by Bessemer Venture Partners, which has funded many of my favorite SaaS enterprises, including LinkedIn, Postini, Keynote, Eloqua, Skype,, and PTC. Since this presentation is locked up in a hard-to-search format, I’m republishing its insights for your enjoyment here, […]