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A “Help the Police” Scam: Introducing America’s Founding Father of Fundraising Grift

July 15th 2024

I started out trying to understand a fraudulent fundraising appeal sent to my mother-in-law, found my way to their federal filings and eventually to Richard Viguerie, America’s Founding Father of Fundraising Grift. What did *you* do on your summer holiday?

Why Student Protesters Focus on Divestment and Gaza Rather Than Ukraine

April 27th 2024

This week, protests and police actions swept campuses across the US, but these seem more focused on addressing campus issues than stopping war or casualties. And why Gaza rather than Ukraine? I try to make sense of this all as it happens.

Trump’s first criminal trial is about election interference; framing it as “hush money” hides this.

April 18th 2024

This hush-money framing does the case a disservice. It makes it seem lurid and less consequential than those involving the constitutional order of government or divulging intelligence secrets. It presents an intimate, tidy, and contained narrative, which also is false.

Criminality piles-up around Truth Social. Is DJT the first political stock?

April 5th 2024

Fraud and insider trading may be just the start. There’s a tie to perjured Biden bribery testimony, and apparently one inside trader make a large loan to Truth Social. Get the details.

Quote by Dr. King, injustice in healthcare is shocking and inhumane.

Can a Commercial Care System Really Take on Disparities Rooted in Economics?

September 29th 2022

Health disparities are driven by both inequity in care, and the social-economic factors that bring people to it. This post provides data suggesting care leaders most address both – factors within care, and before care.

Dave Wieneke DOA Funny

Yes, body count is exactly what it takes to make some kinds of changes

August 21st 2022

As we think about taking-on inaction on larger topics, such as global warming, it is not only fair to ask “how many must die before we get serious” – it may be *the* essential question to ask.

GOP’s deal with the Devil leads to this week’s fatwa against the FBI

August 13th 2022

This week the GOP issued a fatwa to violently oppose the FBI. From former President, to official and media the call was amplified, in a party which has waited for generations to ‘use the guns’. This isn’t random; it is not hidden, and its not over.

URLs are NFTs weak link: so those million-dollar NFTs may end up looking like 404-error pages

February 20th 2022

In the tulip mania of the 1600s, there were at least real bulbs. The weakness of conventional URLs being recorded in the blockchain, is that these links are more like maps to where some of those expensive bulbs might still be buried, if they where ever really of value at all.

Loyalty in healthcare and empathy for all

August 26th 2021

Over the last few months I’ve been working with our healthcare team to help clients think about customer loyalty, trust, and the ways brands earn this and measure their progress. This is likely the start of a few posts to our work on this.

Rutgers Customer-Centered Management mini-MBA now to run in October and February

July 18th 2021

Each year the line-up of talented customer-centric leaders who teach the Rutgers mini-MBA and Customer-Centric Management just gets better. There are nine of us this year – making it more like a conference than a class.