Bad Airport Advertising

Bad Transit Ads, Sexy Halloween Edition

October 30th 2019

Sometimes termed Gay Christmas, Halloween is all about malfeasance. Here are some new additions to our bad transit advertising collection which all seem to end up somewhere unexpectedly sexy, nasy or gross. Have a great Halloween, and I hope you have fun laughing at the ads we pass every day.

Hapless Airport Advertising Reaches New Heights with Boston’s Convention and Visitors Bureau

August 1st 2014

Boston, a city based on on imagination should be fun to promote. Rather than swinging for the stands, my local CVB has made a perplexing bunt of an advertisement now appearing at Boston’s Logan Airport.

Good Airport Ad #2: Natl. Sports Center for the Disabled

April 5th 2010

Another UsefulArts friend, the watchful Dr. Jo Myers Drahos, kindly sent in this clever, well-executed public service advertisement from the airport in Denver. The visual carries the ad. It tells a smart story, has a sense of discovery and strength, and projects reputability and authenticity for the organization. The composition uses negative space to take […]

Bad Airport Ad #536: Welcome to Florida, Conserve Our Water

April 4th 2010

The promise of extensive water conservation is how this public agency welcomes visitors to Florida. This completely wasted public-service ad lacks any sign of investment in creative or execution. And that’s too bad, because, in the age of green-washing, a value proposition can be made for sustainability.  But this ad doesn’t answer the basic question: […]

Bad Airport Advertising #535: Only the Mint Can Make Money Look Cheap.

March 24th 2010

Everyone likes samples. To advertise, the Mint should offer  money. James Gardner of Adverlicious kindly shared this bad airport advertising from Boston’s Logan Airport. It stands outside the gate for the commuter flights to New York at Boston’s Logan Airport.  James doesn’t recall ever seeing a child on the commuter flights he frequents.  Further, the […]

Bad Airport Advertising #534: Let’s Get You a Machine Gun.

March 19th 2010

World traveler Jay Ratcliffe sent this one in from the Las Vegas airport. Imagine seeing this ad just after TSA screeners have taken your nail clippers and liquids in containers of >3oz. Who at the airport hasn’t felt a the need for a machine gun, at least for a brief rental? Where else could you imagine this […]