Right of publicity

Social Media Rule #1: Shed Your Idiots Now

September 5th 2013

Are organizations that are fixated on having the right social media policy missing the chance to address larger cultural deficits? Consider sad story of Northwestern University’s School of Medicine, now being sued for the unethical and potentially malicious use of social media by one of its fellows.

Rick Santorum Has a Dirty Problem with SEO, and He’s Made it Worse

February 15th 2012

The gay rights protest site “Spreading Santorum” now eclipses the official Santorum campaign site on the major search engines. Its a text book case bad SEO decisions, and the power of offensive though apparently resonate free speech.

Why Is Google Stalking My Friend Anna Bolotovsky? (Litigators,Take Note)

November 29th 2010

Has Google made a privacy slip-up? Imagine finding your real gmail use portrayed on CNN. No matter what terms of use say, isn’t privacy inherent to providing a suitable email service?

Hulk Hogan Body Slams Post Cereal For Unauthorized Use

June 2nd 2010

Yabba-Dabba-Sue, says Tampa Bay Online, covering the lawsuit filed by Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan.  Watch the video below, and tell me if you’d want to be in the legal ring with this litigant. Post’s Flintstones cereal ad used a character that not only looks like the Hulkster, but goes by the similar-sounding […]

Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade: Rights of Personal Publicity Gone Wrong

March 11th 2010

According to the New York Post, actress Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for $100 million for pain and suffering caused by their Super Bowl ad. The semi-funny (and non-compelling) ad shows a milkaholic baby named Lindsay (or Lindsey) with a guilty looking baby-husband. Yes, the ad is pretty terrible; so is the legal claim. However, […]

Squatting on Your Digital Identity

June 29th 2009

In May, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa filed suit against Twitter in California Superior Court, essentially claiming that someone using his name was posting comments that damaged his reputation and caused emotional distress. The suit also claims damage to La Russa’s trademark rights. Ordinarily, I would have thought little about the case, believing […]

Does Your Life Need a Bail Out? Put the Net in Charge!

March 10th 2009

“It’s your right to arrange Chen Xiao’s life, and it’s my obligation to serve you…”. Chen Xiao has had a tough year. Blizzards covered her home town in China, her area was devastated by an earthquake.  Her best friends divorced and her clothing store failed. What’s an entrepreneur to do?  Rent your life to the […]

Being Obama: Products Rip Off the Obama Mystique

January 28th 2009

We’ve discussed how Brand Obama has been open to being appropriated by its supporters. Now other brands are jumping into what might be called the “O-conomy.” Here are some products drawing on Obama’s brand equity. In a Plea for Relevancy, Pepsi Steals Obama’s Logo Business Week‘s David Kiley writes, “This is a special time in America—difficult […]

Tiffany v. eBay Webinar – You’re Invited!

September 17th 2008

This is your invitation to attend a free webinar on the recent Tiffany v. eBay ruling and its impact on brands of all sizes, and those of us who support and promote them. (Since this event has already happened, please follow this link to listen and view the recorded event in its entirety, or hear […]

Linkroll: More Online Law News Than the Pan Can Handle

July 30th 2008

FCC Prepares to Punish Comcast A majority of members of the Federal Communications Commission have cast votes in favor of punishing Comcast Corp. for blocking subscribers’ Internet traffic, an agency official said Friday. ISP Ad Networking Scheme May Violate Wiretap Laws The Center for Democracy & Technology has advanced a legal theory that the practice […]