Framing stronger hypotheses with elaboration, iteration, and a Mad Lib

August 1st 2018

Meaningless A/B tests are pervasive because they’re so easy to run. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Roy Rosin, the Chief Innovation Officer at Penn Medicine’s Center for Healthcare Innovation, and Ryan Summer’s of Connective DX have some ideas that can help turn your tests in to durable assets. And it starts with a MadLib.

Strategic Change is a Value Judgement: Insights for Digital Transformation Leaders

January 21st 2017

Not all change is wise, but nearly all change is resisted. To overcome organizational inertia and lead the way to transformation, you may need the strategic clarity that only the delete key can deliver. Here are some tips from from the front lines of digital consulting on creating alignment for change.

What I Found at Caine’s Arcade, a Few Minutes of Fun

July 3rd 2012

This Spring, Caine Monroy became famous in some parts because of his cardboard arcade. Patricia Yuse visited the arcade, and shares some thoughts about what causes viral movements to grow.

Want to See an Awesome App? (Congrats to ISITE on a big launch!)

April 26th 2012

The last 24 hours has been awesome ball soup cool.  It all started with the launch of Columbia sportswear’s very cool Portable Activity Log app. This free app builds on Columbia’s customers’ passion for adventure, by giving them and everyone else who joins in a free tool to collect and share news of your adventures. […]

Domain Strategy Can Triple Your Organic Traffic

September 28th 2010

The core of digital strategy is finding your firm’s unfair advantage. This means disrupting symmetrical thinking (large goals need large solutions) with asymmetrical solutions (large results can come from tiny, smart changes.) Here are examples of ways to beat competitors and gain new traffic using domain strategy. Think of Your Domains as a Team of […]

Litl Computer: Meet the Next Apple Computer While It Still has 40 Staff

November 20th 2009

Litl Computer is to netbooks as iPods were to MP3 players. The beauty of the iPod was that it was designed to fit people’s worlds. It fit physically and it conceptually allowed  users to find and get music from the web without being transfixed by technology. Imagine a laptop built from its roots to be an easy, […]

Beating Censors With the World’s Only Whiteboard Based Blog

November 9th 2009

In Monrovia, Liberia, there’s a guy taking the matter of a lopsided, state-run media and reshaping it into a free-of-charge, independent news-aggregator—all accomplished with a whiteboard and couple of markers. (No Internet required!) Each morning, at 10:45 a.m., Alfred Sirleaf heads to his bulletin board to post the day’s news, culling together a slate of […]

Is Simplicity the Good Manners of Our Age? Laws of Simplicity and Simplicity in Laws

May 5th 2009

Technology and ambition fills our lives.  As parents, professionals, friends and members of gyms, the edict to “Be All You Can Be” is a self-escalating puzzle. Simplicity and transparency have emerged as important brand promises in promoting political candidates, financial services, packaged goods and foods, and technology. It is easy to recall recent cases in […]