May 2012

Sexy & Smart, But Does This Mercedes Ad Sell?

May 9th 2012

Come play ad critic for 30 seconds – this sexy, humorous ad from Mercedes is cinemagraphic and attention catching — but give me your view. Does it sell cars or trash their brand?

Visual Hammers Come Before The Verbal Nails: Content and Digital Experience

May 4th 2012

One of the students I’ve gotten to know pointed this out as inspiring them to “make great marketing”. But it also raises the question about the centrality of words as the web makes greater use of video. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Digital Hunt for the Craigslist Killer Spawns Fresh Legal Issues

May 1st 2012

Along with a huge amount of info, photos and recordings around the “Craigslist Killer” investigation – the Boston Police’s release of its Facebook subpoena response raises a tangle of unresolved privacy issues. These include whether Facebook’s policies favor prosecutors, and the privacy of innocent friends. You can also listen in on the cat and mouse of the interrogation, which is on YouTube. Amazing.